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Audio Branding is  of utmost importance when competing in today's market. With services like Alexa, Google Voice and Siri, your "sound" is worth more now than ever before. Our team of songwriters, animators and Juno nominated producer will help bring music to your ears and life to your logo.

We consider ourselves the lifeline to any business. We are also extremely giving and we can't deny that LOVE is a big part of our overall branding. We wanted to create a unique sound that people would be familiar with but also not expecting to associate with us. 

Every project starts with consultation. We meet, we joke, we laugh and then we get to work. The idea here is to find out about the brand, the business and you. It gives everyone an idea to share intial thoughts on sound and helps keep the process comfortable and fun! For every sound asset we create we also animate your logo accordingly. We bring a whole new life to what you've worked so hard to build.